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An evaluation of your current training plan's effectiveness for your specific goals using theprinciples of exercise science.

A consult call to discuss your plan where you can ask all those burning questions you have about your training.

We'll go over:

How many training sessions per week are best for you.

What types of training to prioritize, and in what order over time.

How to balance skill acquisition, flexibility, strength, and any other activity you're doing.

What's missing in your plan to break through your plateaus.

A recommended specific and personalized weekly plan to follow now.

I love this offering because this is the information I was looking for when I started training. Personalized guidance on what to do, and more importantly why!

Training Plan Analysis

  • Upon purchase, I will send you a questionaire. Once I receive it back, I will need 1-2 weeks to review your goals and training. Then, I will send you a link to schedule your call.

    This must be used within 1 year. After the questionaire is filled out, the consult call must be scheduled within 2 months, or a new questionaire will have to be filled out. 

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