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Now Offering One-on-One Virtual Training through Video Messaging!


You can purchase this option on it's own, or as an add-on to any existing program.

Need some one-on-one love to level-up your skills?

Get focused sessions in your work with:



Physical Theater & Performance

Skill Building (with prior approval, please schedule a free consult call with me first if this is what interests you)


All workouts are delivered through the Flight Training app where you can sync certain fitness trackers, track your nutrition & workouts, and more.

Private Virtual Training

  • You are purchasing virtual private training sessions, to be completed in the Flight Training app and/or through a Video Messenger app such as Skype, FB/Insta Video chat, WhatsApp, etc.

    Upon purchase, you will receive an email to join the Flight Training app, along with a waiver and other paperwork to sign.  Upon set-up of your app and receipt of the waiver, you will receive a link to schedule your training sessions.  If needed, you may be asked to schedule a free consult call to discuss training goals and experience, or safety.

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