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Virtual Add-on to the Fly FIIT Bootcamp!


Selecting this option adds the following personalizations to help you succeed:


-A weekly check-in by text or phone call to help you stay accountable

-Small adaptations to the program for your needs (such as unique equipment adaptation, or adjustment of frequency and days of working out)

-The option to send me videos of certain exercises throughout the month to get feedback on form (please note, if you need form correction on more than a few exercises/week, please choose a custom plan and/or live virtual sessions instead)


Fly FIIT Personal Check-Ins Add-On

  • You are purchasing a personalization add-on to the virtual Fly FIIT bootcamp, to be completed in the Flight Training app.

    You must have purchased a Fly FIIT Bootcamp program to purchase this add-on.

    Upon purchase, this add-on begins the following Monday in your existing program, unless you reach out to me to request otherwise.

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