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Character Performer and Performance Artist

My favorite kind of characters are the kind that interact with the audience, or an individual; making the observer into the artist.  Below are some highlights of interactive characters and performative installations.

A Dead Girl's Kissing Booth

She died in the 30's.  She was manning a kissing booth.  She may or may not have set the fire.  For some reason, she's still walking around attached to her kissing booth.  She will ask you if you want to make out.  Don't worry, there is cellophane for protection.  She might lick your face through it though.  She's a really good kisser for a dead girl.  Originally, created and performed for Lagunitas Brewing Company's Couchtrippin' Tour AND Crash Alchemy.

Fire Starter
Kissing the Kissing Booth Girl
Kitty Kisses
Kiki Maroon and the Amazing Theodora


At Velvet Dust Magazine's Four Elements Issue Launch Party, I created and performed Narcissus, representing the Water Element.  Throughout the party, all interactions with the crowd occurred only through the lens of a Tablet's mirror facing camera.  Instagram styled snapshots were then projected live on an outside wall of the party, exploring the narcissitic nature of social media and our connection and disconnection in a virtual and live world.


In 2014, a photo of Kim Kardashian's assets balancing a champagne glass caused an unusual amount of social media attention.  I decided to enlist performers to try my own hand at the infamous photoshoot, answering once and for all, how hard it is to balance champagne on your booty? 

I blogged about the experience here.

Charlie Chaplin

In 2011, i first tried my hand impersonating my physical theatre idol.  Since then, charlie has shown up a time or two at various performances, including spiderhouse ballroom, marfa & Terlingua texas, circus warehouse in nyc, & even a legislate this! burlesque show in Austin, tx.

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