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Welcome to
Flight Training Fitness!

Flight Training Fitness creates virtual training plans for aerialists, pole dancers, and circus athletes within a mobile friendly app, and in-person in ATX.


From bootcamps and skill-specific workouts to your own personalized monthly plan offering custom workouts, you'll get guidance on class schedule, aerial theory & composition prompts, periodized training and rest cycles for effective long term progress.


There is a perfect plan option for you.

Whether you're looking for someone to manage your whole plan, or just need help getting to the next level, Flight Training has you covered.

Keep it simple. The original Aerial & Pole app, with a proven success rate.

Choose the training level that's right for you, get the coaching you need, all in your own personalized app.

Choose from 3 Ways of Training:

In-Person or In-App

(private training or video classes available)

(affordable strength & flexibility programs)

(get over $1500 value of personalized planning each month for $300 or less)

Meet Erinina!

Erinina has been performing & coaching in the aerial arts for over 10 years. As an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, she has studied in depth how to train athletes for their specific sport. She specializes in aerialists, pole dancers, and circus athletes, but loves to help anyone looking to improve their health through fitness and find the style of movement that brings them joy. 


She has been privileged to teach at Circus Smirkus in VT, Trapeze Austin, Sky candy, Four Elements Aerials, the MN aerial arts collective, Stomping ground studio, soFly social, and more.


Her specialty is getting your body strong and balanced and improving mobility for optimal performance for whatever your performance goals are.

Erinina currently teaches in-person classes at soFly social studio in Austin, TX.

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