Learning to Fly with Erinina


I have been training and performing in the aerial arts for over 10 years.  I have been coaching for over 6 years.  In this time, I have been privileged to teach aerials and Aerial Fitness at Circus Smirkus in VT, Trapeze Austin, Sky candy, Four Elements Aerials, the MN aerial arts collective, Stomping ground studio, soFly social, and more.  My coaching style emphasizes safety through a full understanding of body mechanics and body awareness, which I hope makes learning to perform in the air more fun and less scary.  My specialty is getting your body strong and balanced for optimal performance.

Erinina currently teaches at soFly social studio in Austin, TX.

Flight Training Fitness creates virtual training plans for aerialists, pole dancers, and circus athletes with a mobile friendly app. From bootcamps and skill-specific workouts to your own personalized monthly plan offering custom workouts, guidance on class schedule, aerial theory & composition prompts, and periodized training and rest cycles for effective long term progress. There is a perfect plan option for you. 

Fly FIIT Bootcamps are HERE! Currently discounted to help during COVID19 quarantines.