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Writing is core to my creative process.  I have almost as many voices as a writer, as characters on a stage. Here are a few of them.  More is coming to this page soon.  but, here is a preview.

Flight Training Fitness

This is a blog about fitness and coaching that is geared towards the aerial, pole and circus communities' unique needs.  You can check it out here.

Quixotic Fiction

I have a lot of fiction writing that I have done over the years as well.  You can read a couple of pieces here.



If you're more interested in knowing my personal side, for a number of years, I have blogged about my journey, adventures, and struggles in the pursuit of being a better me.  Some highlights of these adventures include personal stories and reflections about my year of saying 'yes,' a travel diary, some poetry, and my work on Gretchin Rubin's 'happiness project.'

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