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Dreams of a Trapeze on Fire

In 2010, I traveled to Peru with Dreamtime Circus and learned what it was to play with fire.  During our travels, I had a dream that I lit the ropes of my trapeze on fire.  Almost everyone I talked to about my dream told me that it was impossible.  Thanks to a few crucial supporters, I succeeded at creating the act.  For me, Circus is about showcasing seemingly impossible spectacles with the message that our impossible dreams are not only possible, but in all likelihood meant to be.  

I am eternally grateful to Darrel O'Pry for his help in creation and his belief in me, and to the Muse Brooklyn for letting me first test light the trapeze in their space.

The Fire Trapeze has been featured in the goddess project film, Rich Brown's Mountain dew commercial 'we are originals,' House of Yes' Unstoppable show, Gowanus Ballroom, Art Outside, and Crash Alchemy.

lighting things on fire is difficult in dry texas.  i am currently seeking space, collaborators, or residencies for this project.

Featured in short commercial film about Austin's Originals by Rich Brown
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First Lighting
Gowanus Circus
Trust Fire
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Fire Trapeze Debut
Oxheart Art Show
Oxheart Art Show
First Trick on Fire Trapeze
Playing with Fire
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