Virtual Bootcamp!


One Month of HIIT style conditioning classes to be done from anywhere.


All workouts are delivered through the Flight Training app where you can sync certain fitness trackers, track your nutrition & workouts, and more.


Select the program that matches what equipment you have access to.


All programs can be adapted to not having certain equipment, but are best performed with light weights or resistance bands, and an optional stability/yoga ball.


If you have access to a pull-up bar or aerial/pole equipment, select the appropriate equipment type in the drop down menu.

Fly FIIT Bootcamp

  • You are purchasing a virtual bootcamp, to be completed in the Flight Training app.

    Upon purchase, you will receive an email to join the Flight Training app, along with a waiver to sign.  Upon set-up of your app and receipt of the waiver, your program will be loaded into the app to begin the following Monday, unless you reach out to me to request otherwise.