Need a plan to stay in In-Air shape while away from the studio?

Need help safely transitioning back into the air after a break?

Do you want to finally level-up that skill you're stuck on?

Not sure how to design your training schedule for optimal rest, flexibility, strength, choreography and skill practice to achieve your goals?

There's a reason other sports have professional overall coaches.

Whether you're looking for someone to manage your whole plan, or just need help getting to the next level, Flight Training has you covered.

Keep it simple. The original Aerial & Pole app, with a proven success rate.

Choose the training level that's right for you, get the coaching you need, all in your own personalized app.

Choose from 3 Ways of Training:

In-Person or In-App

(private training or video classes available)

(fiercely affordable strength & flexibility programs)


(get over $1500 value of personalized planning each month for $300 or less)

Which Plan is Right For You?

Fully Personalized Monthly Training Plans


Have your entire training schedule planned, monitored, and adapted for long term efficient progress in your craft using proven professional training techniques like periodization, work load analyses, scheduled rest & recovery, and goal centered action steps.  


Regular Evaluation of your Training Status, and Goals ($200 value)

Training Plan Design & Management ($500 value)


Guidance on the ideal class schedule at your local studio(s)

Scheduled recovery days

Workout Tracking

Personalized Workouts Designed Specifically for your Goals ($500)

May Include (based on your goals & level)

Strength & Conditioning

Flexibility & Mobility

Aerial Theory

Choreography Prompts


2 Virtual One-on-One Coaching Sessions per Month ($120 value)

Regular Messaging Access to your Coach ($150 value)


Goals Tracking ($50 value)

All in one place through your custom Flight Training app ($50 value)

HR and Calorie tracking with Fitbit, Withings, or Apple Watch

Optional Nutrition Tracking with Fitbit, or MyFitnessPal


Have your coach in your pocket to ask questions, keep you accountable, and help you progress efficiently; with special knowledge of the unique needs we face as aerialists, pole dancers, and circus athletes.

Never get to the studio & wonder what to do again.


Train at the Right Level, Track your Training, & Train Smart.

Over a $1500 Value Each Month!

Fly FIIT Virtual Bootcamps

Adapted from Erinina's signature HIIT-styled fitness class for aerialists and pole dancers.

Time tested, proven results.


Not only have I used this framework for my own successes and comebacks, I have over 6 years of proven success with clients consistently blasting through their plateaus faster than they thought possible.

Video demos of each exercise show focus on proper form to build the strongest foundation possible to help you progress with less risk of injury.


Purchase month by month, or save even more by purchasing two months up front.

Because I believe in offering access to quality training at an affordable price, I am keeping this plan at an extreme discount at this time.


In person, these classes would cost $25/class. The regular rate of $50/month is already a quarter of my in-person rates.  I am currently offering a discount of almost half-off the online rate because of COVID-19.

Additionally, each purchase right now will allow a free month of bootcamp to be made available to someone who is unable to pay.

The Bootcamp Includes:

HIIT style conditioning classes to be done from anywhere

(8-12 workouts each month equals a $200-$300 value)

Access to the In-App Fly FIIT group to chat & cheer other bootcamp participants on


Access to the Flight Training app's fitness tracker sync and nutrition tracking capabilities

($50 value)

Optional Add-ons:

Fly FIIT Flexibility Package

Weekly check-ins and messaging access to your Coach

Virtual One-on-One Coaching Session Package

Start by selecting the right version for the equipment you have access to:

Fly FIIT Bodyweight:

Uses superbands or weights, yoga block, & a yoga ball (optional)

$350 value for $50/month

Fly FIIT Pull-up Bar:

Uses superbands or weights, yoga block, a pull-up bar, & a yoga ball (optional)

$350 value for $50/month

Fly FIIT Aerial/Pole:

Uses superbands or weights, yoga block, aerial or pole equipment, & a yoga ball (optional)

$350 value for $50/month


$27 for 1 month, $49 for 2 months

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