Fly FIIT Virtual Bootcamps

Adapted from Erinina's signature HIIT-styled fitness class for aerialists and pole dancers.

Time tested, proven results.

Not only have I used this framework for my own successes and comebacks in my 12 year aerial career, the Fly FIIT model has over 6 years of proven success with clients consistently blasting through their plateaus faster than they thought possible.

What People Are Saying:



I'm always so impressed with Erinina's knowledge; she has fixed bad form habits I've held for years. She's a talented and energetic coach and I highly recommend her flight training.                               

-Tiffany Braden

I take Fly Fiit offered by Erinina at SoFly and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect workout to target every muscle I use in my pole dancing and has definitely helped my overall strength. This class is basically my version of therapy. I can walk in stressed and tired and leave feeling amazing, sore, but full of workout endorphins and ready to conquer my day.                                                                               

-Olivia B. Sloane





Erinina is like the Mr. Miagi of Aerial and Pole.

-Bianca Stein

Erinina's like a real life Kimmy Schmidt that believes you can do anything for 30 seconds at a time--including pistol squats and pull-ups.  Her classes are tough but fun and guaranteed to get your booty into shape.

 -Jackie Wilson

Each workout contains video demos of each exercise to show proper form to build the strongest foundation possible to help you progress with less risk of injury.

Because I believe in offering access to quality training at an affordable price, I am keeping this plan at an extreme discount at this time.

In person, these classes would cost $25/class. The regular rate of $50/month is already a quarter of my in-person rates.  I am currently offering a discount of almost half-off the online rate because of COVID-19.

Purchase month by month, or save even more by purchasing two months up front.

Additionally, each purchase right now will allow a free month of bootcamp to be made available to someone who is unable to pay.

The Bootcamp Includes:

HIIT style conditioning classes to be done from anywhere

(8-12 workouts each month equals a $200-$300 value)

Access to the In-App Fly FIIT group to chat & cheer other bootcamp participants on (priceless)

Access to the Flight Training app's fitness tracker sync and nutrition tracking capabilities ($50 value)

Optional Add-ons:

Fly FIIT Flexibility Package

Weekly check-ins and messaging access to your Coach

Virtual One-on-One Coaching Session Package

Start by selecting the right version for the equipment you have access to:

Fly FIIT Bodyweight:

Uses superbands or weights, yoga block, & a yoga ball (optional)

$350 value for $50/month

Fly FIIT Pull-up Bar:

Uses superbands or weights, yoga block, a pull-up bar, & a yoga ball (optional)

$350 value for $50/month

Fly FIIT Aerial/Pole:

Uses superbands or weights, yoga block, aerial or pole equipment, & a yoga ball (optional)

$350 value for $50/month


$27 for 1 month, $49 for 2 months