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Director & Collaborator

I see the role of Director as the scrapbooker of an ensemble of creative collaborators.  I have been privileged to work on both the performing and directing end of creative collaborations and find both rewarding.  I bring almost 2 decades of physical theater and creation to the table.  i love working with projects that make people think, but also go beyond thought, to create dialogue.  for this reason, i have a special place in my heart for interactive and multimedia work.  You can click here to see the highlights.

Founding Producer of Kabarette with a K!

I was asked to create Kabarette with a K! in Austin with the mission of bringing the best performers from different disciplines together onto the same stage.  Many shows in Austin tend to showcase strictly Aerial, Burlesque, Dance, Theater, or Music.  I wanted to create a true cabaret, where different types of performing artists could share a stage, and their audiences would be exposed to new styles of performance.  I believe that people experience different forms of art differently, and am continually on a quest to facilitate discussion and the human exploration of each other. 

Founding Artistic Director of Mir Productions


Mir Productions was an interdisciplinary theater company that aimed to create art that crossed and broke down cultural and language boundaries by supporting new work and exploring multimedia theatrical formats. Our name came from the root word mir, which becomes miras (wonderment) and mirari (to wonder) in Latin, mirar or mirer (to look) in Spanish and French, mirror (to reflect) in English, miru (to watch or to look at) in Japanese, and mir (peace/world) in Russian. The way in which this one word can cross cultures and languages ‘mirrors’ what we hoped to explore in our work.

The following is a brief list of the accomplishments of Mir Productions that I am most proud of:


 -Brought Israel Prize winning playwright Yosef bar-Yosef to tour Yale, Hofstra, Princeton and Columbia Universities with the help and support of the Israeli Consulate in 2008

-Curated The Unseen/Unheard Reading Series, a staged monthly reading designed to expose audiences, actors and new directors to established, but perhaps little heard or read works from around the world

-Produced a development workshop for new playwrights and directors to work together to create a fully realized piece with targeted feedback from audiences and fellow artists

-Produced 6 Main Stage shows over 2 years (5 of them Original New Work) on stages throughout NYC and its boroughs, exposing more diverse audiences to affordable work as well as our regular audience to new communities.  The following is a summary of the 6 pieces:

If There’s Jack-in-the-Box, Get Out: Spoken word, physical theater and hip hop dance form a story of a boy & a girl coming of age in our digital world

HEAR NYC: Film, sound, theater and audience interaction tell the story of alienation in the city

Fetish: Joyce Wu’s retelling of Othello from an Asian/White/Black perspective uses real stereotyped images from pornography and advertising during interludes to back up its story

How to be a Doll: A modern dance and spoken word collaboration between 8 women from different perspectives using text by Alissa Riccardelli on the issue of ‘Self’

The Mary Trilogy: Adrienne Dawes’ retelling of 3 real American horror stories through Greek myth

The ‘M’ Game: Shakespeare’s Macbeth uses 5 very different Lady M’s to explore and question whether or not Lady M indeed ‘made him do it.’

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