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As a performance artist, the interaction between myself and another human being is the art.  This happens in relationship: between a performer and an audience, between a writer and a reader, between one stranger to another, or even between artists in a collaboration or an exchange.

The difference between the art and the everyday is an element of spectacle or the unexpected, and the filters through which we experience each other and each moment.

Erinina graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2005, founded and ran Mir Productions Theatre Company in NYC until 2008, when she started professional training in the aerial arts while continuing her Performance Art Career.  She is a professional aerialist, the inventor of the Fire Trapeze, a performance artist and producer, a physical theater lover, a writer, character performer, and more.  She has been privileged to work with some very cool people, remarkable projects, and in inspiring environments.

Favorite Accolades and Experiences include:

2015 Texas Aerial Festival's Professional Aerial Burlesque Champion

Flying over the audience for Moby on NYE 2013 with Gowanus Circus and Unicorn Meat in New York City

Inventing a Trapeze whose ropes light on Fire 2010

2006 Artist of Tomorrow Festival by Six Figures Theater Company

2001 Irene Ryan nominee for her acting work in Handing Down the Names by Steven Dietz

Participating in the:

Acrobats of the Heart Grotowski intensive in NYC 2012

ARCOS professional dance/theater intensive in Austin, TX 2016

Oxford School of Drama Summer Programme 2001

Touring with:

The Espana Family Aerialists and Picadilly Circus in the US

Dreamtime Circus in Peru

Crash Alchemy at Art Outside, Euphoria Festival, and Lagunitas Brewing Company's Couchtrippin' Tour

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